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Creation of three funds for Aviva Investors

Aviva Investors is expanding its offering with three new funds: two on international equities and one thematic fund on energy transition.
Aviva Investors is expanding its portfolio with two new international equity funds, Aviva Investors Global Equity Unconstrained Fund and Aviva Investors Global Emerging Market Unconstrained Fund. “These new non-style, non-style, conviction-based strategies,” says David Cumming, Director of Equity Investments for the Manager, are complementary to those of other global and emerging equity funds we offer to our clients. “
Two weeks later, Aviva Global Asset Management launched an Energy Transition Fund, Aviva Investors Climate Transition European Equity. “Failure to address climate risks is a mistake in protecting the long-term interests of investors,” said Euan Munro, chief executive officer of Aviva Investors. It is essential that the asset companies commit themselves by proposing to the customers solutions that will help to remedy this critical situation. ” comment défiscaliser en immobilier
Inefficiencies to exploit
The Aviva Investors Global Equity Unconstrained Fund is managed by Mikhail Zverev, Head of International Equity Management, with the support of his team. It is invested in a concentrated selection of international equities, as part of a contrarian management against the market consensus. “Global equities offer a wide range of extremely varied opportunities for stock pickers,” notes the manager. This new fund will invest in companies whose changing fundamentals are not, in our view, properly valued and can offer high performance potential. “
The Aviva Investors Emerging Market Unconstrained Fund is managed by Alistair Way, Head of Emerging Equity Management and its dedicated team. Although diversified, he is also invested in a concentrated stock choice. “Emerging markets offer a wide variety of investment opportunities at the corporate level,” says the manager. Structural changes and the emergence of new sectors have great potential for well-positioned companies. At the same time, inefficiencies in the stock market give us a considerable margin of maneuver to exploit price distortions. ” investissement défiscalisant
As the global thermometer continues to rise due to climate change, Aviva’s asset management subsidiary is also opening a new thematic fund for the transition to a low-carbon economy. The fund received an initial investment of € 100 million from Aviva France. It will be managed by Françoise Cespedes, who will benefit from the expertise of Rick Stathers, senior ESG analyst and climate change specialist. It develops the methodology that will define the investment universe of the fund. “This fund,” says the manager, “is part of our ambitious strategy for strong performance and sustainable results for customers through positive climate risk management, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals.” the United Nations and the commitments made under the Paris Climate Agreement. “